Fresh, Tasty, Healthy!

Salsa Pico'

Fresh, Tasty, Healthy!



100%  All Natural Ingredients with No Additives or Preservatives and Gluten Free!


How we Started

 Salsa Pico' is made from a very special Arkansas recipe developed by Butch "Doc" Hightower in Hot Springs, Arkansas in the Quachita Mountains. Being tired of regular flat Salsas he decided to make his own.

 After years of perfecting the recipe, he came up with  the perfect blend of Spices and Ingredients to make an all natural fresh tasting Pico de Gallo Homestyle Salsa that is absolutely Unique .   

The perfectly mixed ingredients create a fresh, rich, spicey with a touch of sweet and heat delicious fresh Salsa.

This special recipe has been enjoyed by his family and friends for years and now it is available for the public to enjoy! 


More consumers are now demanding all natural products in their local super markets providing a unique opportunity to The Salsa Company. Our Salsas are 100% made with Natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives and gluten free for that fresh healthy  homestyle taste!