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The Salsa Company needs a Sales Associate in your City

This is your opportunity to be your own boss with Zero Investment and no Inventory purchase needed. We provide the drop shipping of our product to your customers. If you have experience in selling or just simply have an "in" with a buyer at a grocery store this would be a great opportunity to start your own business with zero cash investment and Zero inventory on your part. This is a very simple idea,  you sell our salsas to grocery stores ( single stores or multiple chain stores ), get an order from the store, we will then ship to the grocery store the number of cases they bought. We bill the customer and we pay you a commission of 8% on each case sold. The average commission on a case of our salsa is $2.65. If you get a regular customer who buys for all of their stores 100-5000 cases per month your commission would be $265.00 - $13,250.00 per month. Yes it is that simple, not necessarily an easy thing to do but anyone with sales experience understands it takes persistence and a great product to gain customers.

Depending on the size of your city, we will give out exclusive to semi-exclusive territories. We will be happy to discuss how much territory you desire.

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 We are a new company with an outstanding Mild Homestyle Salsa to sell to grocery stores. Our recipe for our Homestyle salsa is unmatched on grocery shelves. Once our customers taste the flavor and freshness and 100% all natural salsa, they will come back for more. The more they buy, the more you make.

We will provide sample jars to you for your sales strategy and for your potential customers to taste as well as our pricing structure. Our Salsas average MSRP is $3.97 for a 16 oz jar. Your customers will experience a 35% Gross Margin and a 26% Gross Profit on every jar they sell in their stores.

All product is shipped out of Georgia to your customers within 3-7 days of their order.

Crazy Good Salsa, The Salsa Company..... Pico de Gallo HomeStyle Salsa your customers will love!

 Our Salsa is 100% All Natural with Zero additives or preservatives!

Please contact us on our contact page with your Name and Number and we will contact you to discuss if this is the right move for you and to answer any questions you will have!