Crazy Good Salsa, 100% All Natural Salsas with no Preservatives, Additives..Homestyle

The Salsa Company

100% All Natural with no Additives or Preservatives

Wholesale Grocery Store Pricing

We have Mild, Hot and Peach salsas , all are made with sweet onions for a nice touch of sweet and tangy with a touch of jalapeno heat and diced peaches in our peach salsa.  

Our Salsas are a Pico de Gallo Homestyle fresh.

Our Salsas are 100% made with natural ingredients with no additives or preservatives for that fresh healthy taste.


Please contact us on our contact page and send us your mailing info and we will ship you the samples you request .

1 case = 12/16oz jars.

Volume Purchases:

80-500 cases-$34.00 per case

$2.83 per jar

MSRP $3.97

501-5000 cases-$31.00 per case

$2.58 per jar

MSRP $3.62

5001+ cases-$28.00 per case

$2.33 per jar

MSRP $3.27

Gross Margin 40%

Gross Profit 29%


Shipping direct to Distribution Centers Included in pricing.